About us

Activmob CIC is a well established and innovative social enterprise specialising in bringing together communities to capture “real life” insights that get under the skin of the issue, engaging with the already vocal minority and the underrepresented.

Their proven asset based methodology, “Insight2Action”, has evolved through working with communities over many years, facilitating them to explore and understand the assets they have, challenges they face and supports them to generate solutions they can own.

Activmob uses a variety of innovative tools as appropriate to engage with both groups and individuals in an inclusive manner. Our approach uses guided conversation and motivational interviewing techniques in conjunction with tools such as journey mapping, experience diaries, ‘day in the life’, motivation star/goal setting and ‘my social network and influences’ that are designed to inspire discussion and capture the real life experiences of people.

The team and carefully selected associates have many years experience of holding conversations, engaging and capturing insights and experiences from individuals of all ages and groups on a range of difficult and emotional topics, including bereavement, pregnancy, violence in the home, alcohol and drugs, serious mental health and complex family issues.